Wednesday Aug. 18, 2021

18.00-19.30Race Briefing (on-line)
00.00‑00.00 ….

Saturday, Aug. 21, 2021

15.00-20.00Race Office opens
10.00‑20.00 EXPO area open to visitors
17.00-21.00opening of the transition zones:
zone T2 – (bike->run) next to the ‘Zawisza’ Stadium (it is recommended that you leave your equipment, however, T2 will be open also on Sunday from 6.00)
20.00Race Office closes
21.00Transition Zones close

Sunday, Aug. 22, 2021

6.00-8.30 T2 open for Sprint athletes (you may leave your run equipment)
7.00 i 8.00 departure of transfer buses for athletes (SPRINT distance); pick-up point – ‘Focus’ Hotel parking (1, Modrzewiowa Street)
7.30‑9.45 T1 open for Sprint athletes (bike check-in)
10.00SPRINT distance START (individual and relays)
10.00‑15.00 EXPO area open to visitors
11.30bike course cut-off time
13.00‑16.00 possibility to pick-up T1/T2/deposit bags from T2 (only for athletes with their ID bracelet or for representatives with written authorization)
12.30race cut-off time (the race finishes)
13.00Award ceremony and official closing of the race
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