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During the registration you’ll be able to choose an optional ‘cancellation insurance’. Its purchase is possible only during registration, and it allows you to be eligible for full reimbursement of your entry fee (minus any additional purchases that you might have made during the registration – like merchandise, optional services, donations, and the insurance itself).

The cost of the cancellation insurance is PLN 70 (ca. EUR 18). It will be added to the total amount due at the end of the registration. For the insurance to take effect, the whole amount (entry fee + insurance) has to be paid together.

The cancellation has to be submitted to the Organizer through the form below until Jul. 18, 2023 at latest. The submission has to be confirmed by taking steps described in a message that will be automatically sent to a cancelling person’s e-mail address. Only then the cancellation will take effect.

Any cancellations submitted after the aforementioned deadline will not entitle to the reimbursement of the entry fee.

In case of transferring of an insured start package (to another person or another distance), the cancellation insurance applies as well to the transferred package.

It is not possible to opt-in for the cancellation insurance after the registration process has been finished and a start fee has been paid.


If you wish to cancel your participation in the race, please fill in and send the following form. If you have purchased the cancellation insurance, for it to come into effect, your cancellation has to be submitted before Jul. 16, 2024.

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    Date of birth (required)

    E-mail address given during the registration (required)

    I resign from a distance:


    * By sending this form I hereby declare that I wish to cancel my participation in Triathlon Poland 2023


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