Our race logistics might be slightly more complicated than in case of most other events since our transition zones are located in two different places: T1 (and the start) – in Borówno (some 20 kilometres north from Bydgoszcz), and T2 (and the finish) – next to the Zawisza Stadium, at Gdańska Street in Bydgoszcz. That is also why choosing your accommodation might require that you decide if you prefer to stay closer to the start or to the finish of the race.

The answer depends on personal preferences, but our suggestion is… to choose a third option: the center of Bydgoszcz. It will make your stay nicer and provide additional opportunities (especially if you travel with your family or not racing friends) for e.g. sightseeing and/or just walking and having a coffee (in the picturesque Old Town or the so called Little Venice of Bydgoszcz). Borówno (where T1 is located), as such, offers nothing more but a beach and a lake, and the Zawisza Stadium (with T2) lies on the outskirts of the city. And if you choose Bydgoszcz, you don’t have to worry about your logistics – we provide bus transfers (from T2 to T1) for all participants both a day before the race (so as it is possible to bring your equipment to T1) and on the morning of the race day. If you’re coming by car, there’s also a parking available next to the Zawisza Stadium.

Hotels offering discounts and special offers for participants of Ocean Lava Triathlon Poland 2019:

  • Park Hotel Bydgoszcz*** – with a 10% discount for Triathlon Poland participants (reservations:
  • Przystań Hotel i Spa**** – 20% discount for Triathlon Poland participants (reservations:
  • Hotel Pod Orłem**** – special offer to be announced soon

Next to the Zawisza Stadium (and T2/Finish zone) you may find Hotel Focus (,5.html). It doesn’t offer special discounts for our participants, but you may consider it due to its location. It might be necessary to book early, since available places usually disappear early in the year!

Other accommodation options might be easily found on the Internet (e.g. through the popular website).

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