Swimming route and connection to zone changes T1

The start of this year’s competition will be carried out traditionally near Bydgoszcz, in Borowno. However, this year also in another place which will be in an area of the public beach (around 600m behind a none existant anymore centre called ‘zagiel’ in the area where swimming start use to happen in the previous years.) That will be also a location of zone T1, from which the contestants will set off to the cycling route. Swimming (2 loops for half distance and 4 loops for full distance) will be carried out in lake Borowno. The expected water temperature will be around 20 degrees Celsius, therefore, wetsuits will be permitted.

Triathlon Polska Bydgoszcz Borówno :: Trasa pływacka oraz T1

Cycling Route

The cycling race, similarly to the past years will be carried in the same cycling routes between borowno and the finish line in Bydgoszcz near the Zawisza stadium.
The route is fast and fairly flat, with one more serious elevation on each loop (around 8%  around the intersection between street Gdanska and Zamczysko), which the contestants will tackle riding uphill as well as downhill. Relapses are locateted: near Zawisza stadium as well as in Borowno, near now closed down resort ‘zagiel’ (similarly to the past year).

Triathlon Polska Bydgoszcz Borówno :: Trasa kolarska

Zone changes T2

Triathlon Polska Bydgoszcz Borówno :: Strefa zmian T2

Running Route

The running route does not differ from last years. It leads on the walking paths of the Myslecinek grouds, on the large scale covering the distance of cross country European Championships, which happened in the same place.

Triathlon Polska Bydgoszcz Borówno :: Trasa biegowa